Gerard Best

Communication Specialist &
Development Journalist
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Communications Specialist with more than a decade of varied managerial experience, in a career spanning corporate communication, stakeholder relations, newsroom digital transformation, Development Journalism, qualitative research, inventive content creation and executive reputation management. Atypical media producer, with a blend of corporate, academic, non-profit and start-up experience, which combine with a global IQ honed from years of team-building and problem-solving in multilingual and multicultural contexts. Holder of postgraduate qualifications in Communications Studies (M.A.) at The University of the West Indies and in Development Journalism (PG Dip.) at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication.

I love to help clients communicate with diverse audiences in the evolving information landscape, through Strategic Communications, Event Communications, Project Communications, Stakeholder Relations and Media Training services.

Strategic Communications

Private sector organisations have contracted me to conceptualise, deliver and deploy Strategic Communications campaigns, developing customised on-brand messages around featured products or services, and targeting identified market segments through appropriate print, electronic and digital distribution channels. Work closely with respective Marketing departments to create original campaigns designed to manage organisational reputation, build brand awareness, drive sales (leads) and increase positive social engagement. My clientele includes Cable & Wireless Business, Inova Solutions N.V., and The University of the West Indies, Office of the Vice Chancellor. 

Event Communications 

Internet organisations have contracted me to provide professional media consultancy services, coordinating Event Communications for regional Internet conferences held in locations across the multicultural and multilingual Caribbean context, as well as Latin America. My language skills include fluency in French and proficiency in Spanish. My clientele includes stakeholders representing the American Registry for Internet Numbers, CANTO, the Caribbean Network Operators Group, the Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the Internet Society and the Latin America and Caribbean Internet Registry, and Packet Clearing House.

Project Communications

Project implementing agencies have contracted me to develop and deliver critical Project Communications support, including the design and publication of multi-format corporate documents, such as annual reports, Strategic Plans and corporate websites. My clientele includes the Caribbean Agriculture Research & Development Institute, the Caribbean Telecommunications Union and the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition.