Taste of T&T

via Trinidad Express Saturday, May 14th 2005

Close your eyes a minute and imagine tasting a pepperpot of beef short ribs nestled between soft coo-coo, and then imagine savoring a 'Pitch Lake Pork' dish made of geera tarred pork loin with a pineapple chutney sauce. Have we piqued your interest? If we have not, then Chefs Khalid Mohammed and Moses Ruben certainly will, when they share these two creations at 'Taste T&T' at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on May 21-22nd, all this and more will be at your fingertips.

Thanks to the Tourism and Industrial Development Company (TIDCO) and the Ministry of Tourism, guests to the Festival will be able to savor the creations of some the finest chefs in Trinidad and Tobago. The culinary experience promises to be an eclectic mix of the multi ethnic cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago. Under the guidance of Chef Debra Sardinha-Metivier, our country's top chefs will showcase their culinary masterpieces on the two nights of the festival.

Caribbean and Latin American fusion, French, East Indian, Arabic, Italian and Asian flavours will all be presented to festival patrons in a setting of themed exhibition areas, designed by Kemal Manickchand. Some of the chefs at this year's festival include Khalid Mohammed, Moses Ruben, Paul Mowser, Angelo Cofone, Dwayne Henderson, Gerard Mouille, Joe Brown, Mona Hadeed, Joseph Habr and Yan Wen Yu. The various chefs' dishes will span the full spectrum of indigenous cultures towards a gastronomic treat that Debra Sardinha-Metivier has promised "will intrigue every one of your senses."

Expect to enjoy a Smoked Salmon & green Asparagus Bavarios from Chef Gerard Mouille or a Spicy Tamarind and Guava Chicken with Sherman Bread and cucumber Raito prepared by Chef Joe Brown. Chef Amrit will entice you with a Gujurati Chicken Tandoori with a coriander yogurt sauce served on Naan Bread. Chef Angelo Cofone promises the likes of Osso Bucco, tender veal Knuckle slowly simmered with a blend of assorted vegetables, wine and herbs, served on a bed of saffron rice.

The festival is a celebration of our country's cuisine and a continued celebration for the success of our National Culinary Team in 2004 at the Taste of the Caribbean Competition, where our country won Gold. In addition, the T&T team also copped the Most Professional Standards Award. Taste T&T gives some of our chefs the opportunity to show their skills before they head off to defend their title in Miami.

Taste T&T will also showcase some of the best of our traditional foods which festival attendees can purchase on the spot. There will also be a demonstration kitchen where prominent chefs will share their skills in a "class room" setting, complete with large video screens, so that budding chefs can pick up some secrets from the masters.

The event is scheduled for May 21-22nd at the Hasely Crawford Stadium from 6pm-midnight and will also include entertainment featuring local entertainers and musicians who will complete the multi-cultural experience.

So how is this all going to work on festival days? The entrance is free and patrons can purchase tickets to sample the wide array of the chef's dishes for only $150. There will be six booths and the $150 ticket entitles guests to six chits to pick one dish from each booth. In addition, traditional food delights will also be on sale. Limited tickets are available at TIDCO's offices at Maritime Centre in Barataria or at Island People, 105 Tragarete Road. For more information call 675-7034 ext. 252 or 293.