CaribNOG tips: Remote Access and Offsite Storage

Remote Access Disruptions to normal business operations can result in missed opportunities, a reduction in productivity, or loss of revenue. Remote access enables employees to work from home or some other remote location, access critical data and conduct business as if they were in the office.


Offsite Data Store  

The loss of data can easily put businesses at risk. Backup solutions using magnetic tapes have been the most common and reliable way of addressing data recovery but this has some drawbacks, including implementation costs and the need for skilled internal staff to maintain and operate. In some situations, it is difficult to use when data needs to be recovered quickly. Using an online data protection provider can be a simple, secure and affordable alternative to using physical tape for local backups as the entire process of managing daily backups can be monitored by the third-party provider. Online data services can incur significant telecommunications costs for larger data sets since more bandwidth is required for the backup jobs to complete in a reasonable time.