Congress WBN announces new Global Leaders

New Congress WBN leaders at the Special Congress Leaders Gathering, July 24, at The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. Seated front row, left to right, are Steve Schultz, Scott Webster, Dr. Noel Woodroffe (Founder and President, Congress WBN) and Paul Humberstone.

Congress WBN, an international non-profit organisation with roots in Trinidad and Tobago, has announced new appointments to its global leadership team and changes to its operational structures.

The global Congress leadership will now include a team of Global Directors: Dr. Marlon Jameson, Dr. Graham King, Ernest King, Paul Lindo, Bevil Wooding and Dr. Farid Youssef. This team will be supported by a cadre of newly appointed directors and coordinators, who will be responsible for various aspects of Congress WBN's global operations.

The appointments were formalised at a special gathering of Congress WBN leaders held in Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of the organisation. In attendance were over 130 senior leaders from various countries around the world, including Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Belgium, Ethiopia, Fiji, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, USA, UK and Zambia.

Under the new structure, Congress will organise around eight global sectors of activity.  Emphasis will be placed on nations-development initiatives; education and human development; community empowerment; professional ethics and values-based resource development.

Dr. Noel Woodroffe, founder and president of the faith-based organisation, said, “This new organisation structure flows directly from the strategy set out for what we have described as the New Era of Congress WBN. The changes are designed to strengthen our global structures and make Congress WBN better able to fulfill its God-ordained mandate."

The changes are designed to improve and accelerate Congress WBN's delivery of its charitable projects, education services and values-based development initiatives in the 90 countries its operations currently span.

"Leadership and faith have always played a central role both in Congress WBN's growth and global impact over many years. I am grateful that we are now able to appoint men and women who have proven their commitment and capacity to serve and to lead into these new global roles.”