Antigua and Barbuda Invests In Mobile App Economy

Bevil Wooding, BrightPath Founder and Executive Director, conducts a training session at the Mobile App Development Workshop, St John's, Antigua last week. ST JOHN'S, ANTIGUA. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has partnered with BrightPath Foundation, a non-profit organisation specialising in technology training, to host a Mobile App Development Workshop at the new Government Assisted Technology Endeavour (GATE) ICT Cadet Training Facility in St John’s.

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the workshop, Antiguan Telecommunications Minister Dr Edmund Mansoor said, “I am pleased to have BrightPath, the region’s leading provider of mobile app and digital content training to Antigua for this historic workshop.”

“The overwhelming response to the Mobile App Workshop confirms the high level of interest and excitement in learning how to create mobile applications applies in Antigua,” Mansoor said.

The two-week workshop, which was oversubscribed just two days after it was announced, is designed to provide participants with the ability to design, build and market mobile apps.

Mobile penetration exceeds 100 per cent in several Caribbean territories, including Antigua and Barbuda. Businesses are waking up to the importance of developing local apps to tap into the potential of the mobile marketplace.

The Mobile App development workshop is being facilitated by Bevil Wooding, BrightPath Founder and Executive Director, and a team of volunteer industry practitioners. Over the past two years BrightPath has over trained 500 persons across the Caribbean in the fundamentals of mobile app development.

“Our mobile application development workshops are aimed at strengthening the mobile app ecosystem in the Caribbean,” Wooding said.

“Our training places a high priority on collaboration, interactivity and social responsibility. Participants are challenged to think creatively not just about their app ideas, but how they intend to help make the environment more conducive to mobile business.”

He explained that the availability of a high quality training facility, a structured mentorship program and a ready market for mobile products, gave Antigua and Barbuda a distinct advantage in building a sustainable local mobile app industry.

According to Mansoor, the strong showing of support from the private sector is an indication of the importance of mobile apps to local and regional business.

“We fully expect this programme will encourage local developers to get actively involved in the creation of an ecosystem of local apps in Antigua and the wider Caribbean,”  Mansoor said.

He described the Mobile App Workshop as part of Government’s wider strategy to use the multi-million dollar GATE facility to bring practical training in technology skills to Antigua and Barbuda.

The collaboration with BrightPath is part of a long term partnership with the non-profit organisation to deliver digital content creation training through the Government’s GATE program.

The workshop, which runs from October 8 to 18 at GATE facility in St John’s, is being supported by Columbus Communications, and mobile providers Digicel, and LIME.  More information is available on the official website: