Applications open for US$25,000 LACNIC Programa FRIDA fund

Digital entrepreneurs and innovators working on Internet development projects could win a total of US$25,000 through the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean, called Programa FRIDA. This year, priority is being given to projects that promote gender equity in technology and community network development projects with a proven impact.

The FRIDA Grant for Technology and Gender will offer a US$20,000 grant for the deployment of an innovative project that promotes greater gender equality through technology. 

“Priority will be given to initiatives that focus on developing digital skills among women and girls, encouraging women’s participation in digital markets and their access to employment in the technology sector, implementing strategies to defend digital rights and increase online security and the inclusion of women and girls online, and supporting women's involvement in Internet industry,” a release from Programa FRIDA said.

The FRIDA Award for Community Networks will offer a US$5,000 cash prize plus a fellowship to participate in the 2019 Global Internet Governance Form to be held in Berlin, Germany.

“The FRIDA Award will recognise innovation in business models, regulation, technology and local content development that contribute to the growth of community networks. Eligible organisations will be working on the deployment of affordable, locally-managed community networks and the implementation of creative low-cost solutions to bring connectivity to underserved populations,” the release said.

The programme is an initiative of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC). It is conducted in partnership with the Seed Alliance, a collaborative partnership with Asia-Pacific Internet Addresses Registry (APNIC) and the African Internet Addresses Registry (AFRINIC). LACNIC, APNIC and AFRINIC are three of five regional Internet registries that coordinate the development of policies for managing Internet protocol number resources worldwide.

The deadline for applicants to submit their project executive summaries is May 15.  More information is available on the Programa FRIDA website: