UWI NextLab Team wins MIT Innovation Award

NextLab Group photo May 4 2010 I enjoyed writing this news release (published in UWI Today June 2010) because of Dr Kim Mallalieu's energy. When it comes to her passion, she really has an electric personality! Keep up the good work, Kim!

Here's the photo caption: The UWI NextLab Team. Top, left to right: Kevon Andrews, Tremayne Flanders, Kim Mallalieu, Mark Lessey, Ravi Deonarine. Bottom, left to right: Candice Sankarsingh, Yudhistre Jonas

Dr Farid Youssef on cannabis

Dr Farid F. Youssef: “I am in no form or fashion advocating the smoking of cannabis, a practice that is associated with numerous well documented severe health risks. Neither do I support its legalization. However the effects of cannabis are the result of the body, and the brain in particular, possessing its own endogenous cannabinoid system. We are seeking to understand this system, how its works, how it can be modified and how targeted drug delivery systems can be developed that maximize clinical benefits and minimize unwanted side effects.”

To me, this quote was the highlight of Dr Youssef's UWI Today article.

UWI introduces FIFA/CIES Sport Management programme

FROM THE ARCHIVES UWI introduces FIFA/CIES Sport Management programme

UWI introduces FIFA/CIES postgrad programme

I enjoyed writing this story for the UWI Today March 2010 issue because I really think that this Executive Sports Management programme from The UWI, FIFA and the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES) could strengthen this region’s standing in international sport.